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ESPN sports annual income list: Mayweather 2.500 million topped Messi C Ronald 3-4

ESPN sports annual income list: Mayweather 2.500 million topped Messi C Ronald three or four
ESPN released the annual world sports income rankings, Mayweather can be achieved with the income of the century war.Pacquiao was the first with the largest amount of US$500 million, and Messi and Ronaldo ranked third and fourth.  On May 21st, Beijing time, ESPN released the annual world sports income rankings. From May 2014 to May 2015, which sports star attracted the most money in this year?The answer is Mayweather. Although his wealth and willfulness are troubled by many people, other sports experts have to stand by in making money.  Although Mayweather only played two games this year, but in the century of the awesome income, Mayweather’s total income reached 2.$500 million, surpassing Woods’ previous annual income1.The highest record of 2.5 billion US dollars, became the first person in the annual income of sports.  Although Pacquiao lost the Great War of the Century, he also earned a lot of money from this great war, with a 1.500 million US dollars ranks second in the annual income of the physical world, only need to look up the dead enemy Mayweather, it is worth mentioning that Pacquiao also set a record for the highest annual income of athletes.  Messi, who faced Barcelona’s La Liga title, ranked third in the list with 56.3 million US dollars, and Real Madrid’s mainstay Cristiano Ronaldo was 50.2 million US dollars, ranking fourth in the list. There is no doubt that Messi and CLuo added to Pacquiao, and the great attraction of the century war is evident.  F1 drivers are also an important force on the list. Vettel, the four-time champion, ranked fifth in the list with 50 million US dollars. Although Alonso was surrounded by McLaren to the trough, it did not affect the suction. It ranked sixth with 40 million US dollars.Hamilton is ranked eighth with $31 million. Of course, this is his income before renewal of the contract with Mercedes. I believe that Hamilton will replace the previous position in the list next year.  Swedish star Ibrahimovi? ranked seventh on the list with $35 million, and the ninth and tenth players in the list were Major League Baseball players, respectively Clayton Kershaw andJustin, the revenue is $31 million and $28 million.  Although Kobe Bryant played only 35 games this season, his income also reached $23.5 million, ranking 21st on the list.The female athlete with the highest annual income is undoubtedly the world’s largest Williams in the tennis world, and the income of the American Black Pearl is 9.3 million US dollars.